KPK Global Tech Inc. is a company that specializes in smart technology consulting and production for companies that choose to use it in their corporate processes, society building, management, and operations

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The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.

our services

Software Development

Our custom product solutions range from basic customizations to full-cycle software creation, and they’re all tailored to address specific market problems and deliver measurable results

IT Consultancy

Engage clients, personalize products, and gain a competitive advantage in the modern age. Cutting-edge digital solutions andexponential growth enable companies to rethink the future.

Big Data

Utilize powerful big data technologies to explore the increasing scale, velocity, and variety of data in order to gain the most valuable insights.

Web Development

We may be a member of the in-house IT team or a full-fledged IT agency, depending on your priorities and  budget. The IT team at KPK Global Tech Inc. combines the skills of many experts. Our Managed IT customers benefit from a robust, flexible solution that operates at all stages

Cloud computing

Our cloud computing knowledge spans the three most popular cloud architecture models: private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Through exploiting the interoperability, workload portability, and versatility of open source projects, KPK Global Tech Inc. enables you to excel in licensed public cloud environments or create your own private cloud.

Cyber security

Improved visibility and feedback through on-premises and cloud systems, as well as liberated security tools to concentrate on vulnerability detection,reaction,and enhancements, to defend the enterprise, protect its properties, and
control user access.

Web Application and Website Development

We create websites that benefit both your company and your visitors. If it’s asophisticated business network with a backend database, a responsive website, or a media portal,our onlin applications work seamlessly to have a robust user interface for all channels. We combine front-end, back-end, and design to fulfil the
business needs using advanced web development techniques.


With this experience, we’ll collaborate with our marketing team to make sure the content speaks to your target
audience in a language they can appreciate. The final step toward exposure is to promote your content in areas where your target audience spends time online

Graphic Designing AND Logo Designing

2D/3D whatever is required we are always there to assist you & give you the best that you need.Graphic designers need to demonstrate a good understanding of design in their logos. This means keeping your color palette restrained and in line with design principles. Sticking to black and white in your logo design adds a premium feel, while a pop of color can make your logo and brand design feel more approachable.

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