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4. Based on how bass-heavy or quiet a record is, grooves are cut at varied distances to allow for the most dynamic sound. Words: Caolán Austin & Sarah Minihan (Smalltown America Studio) Lathe-cutting recordings has been around for a very long time, as long as the format itself. Out of phase low frequency signals will cause skips. Recycling of pvc and reusing cooling water is standard in all pressing plants and nothing special. AceShells Bespoke Lathe Cut Vinyl Records. Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) is an analogue audio disc mastering technique. Graham Newton were the two RCA Toronto engineers who manned RCA’s Scully lathe at the 225 Mutual Street office between1963 and 1965 to create the masters for the Lathe cut records are made from clear plastic and cut individually, one at a time. The upside of this process, is that any amount of records can be made. Jul 09, 2020 · 2020 Budget Prices For vinyl records pressing Includes MVM budget mastering (up to 18 minutes per side) + 1-Step Plating 12″ 140g standard Vinyl, colour centre A-B labels on front and back, plain white paper poly lined dust sleeves (with… Vinyl record pressing and cutting in Canada. They are G Neumann lathe - Used by Capitol Mastering in Hollywood, California (1975-1988). Casanova eventually contacted Chris Moss of Lathe Trolls, an online record pressing forum, for advice. DURATION Maximum play times per side: Jan 27, 2017 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - How to Cut Vinyl - Lacquer Cutting Lathe - Gearbox Records YouTube Rek-O-Kut Lacquer Cut Start to Finish - Duration: 14:05. This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 12:47 am and tagged with Best Buy, East Grand Record Company, East Lansing, Music, Nielsen SoundScan, Records, The Record Lounge, Vinyl, Vinyl Records and posted in Uncategorized. At least one test pressing is known to exist of that title. This machine is not a record press – this is a machine designed to make single cuts of master recordings into blank lacquers, not to mass produce pressed records. In 2013, he set out to make this dream a reality, although not without its hurdles. First and foremost, it’s a masterpiece of a record. If you are interested to get a vinyl record in Canada, you are in the right place. Providing short run Vinyl record cutting, no job is too small we will cut from just a single vinyl record and upwards pricing and ordering available here. custom colors, shapes, extras. A Recording Lathe does the opposite by amplifying sound into a record cutter head that carves those sound vibrations into a groove on a rotating platter. MASTERING SPECS AND TIPS . 99, with larger runs priced at varying levels - talk it out in shop, or email Monotype Audio ahead (larger pressings will take more time). [Update: A previous version of this piece incorrectly stated PhonoCut was the first-ever at-home lathe cutting machine. PRINT/MARKETING. The Way It Goes 5. Article from The United Record Pressing factory. CREATING A STAMPER / RECORD PLATING After getting the lacquer cut, we send it to a facility that coats it with a silver mist to get in the grooves, and then nickel to harden it up in a process called electroforming. It is good. Fred Burchill and Mr. They are inferior to a pressing in every way. Stamper number. Apr 24, 2017 · A dub-plate is a type of acetate disk that has its grooves cut in real-time from a lathe (as opposed to stamp-pressed), like regular vinyl records. Record Power has a long and impressive history. Remember also that 7 of the last 8 pressing plants out there, farm out their lacquer work. CBC Museum. Our lathe cut vinyl is comparable in quality to pressed vinyl. The main risks are that there is a skip in the record or some excessive distortion. Consumer Problem :  3 Nov 2019 There's an urban legend that EMI dumped their vinyl pressing and cassette A Short Run: A Selection of New Zealand Lathe-Cut Records at  Vinylium. 19 Oct 2019 As opposed to 'pressed' vinyl records—commercially manufactured in Lathe- cut acetate discs were largely superseded for sound recording  He makes records by hand, one at a time, on 1940's record cutting lathes. , said via email. It uses a heated diamond stylus that makes it p… PETER KING has been making lathe cuts records since the 1980s, he is a legend in the lathe cutting community and is recognised as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people working in this field. This difference means that although it will play very well on a modern stereo record player, it is about 6db quieter, and you will have to use that stereo of yours, and turn up the volume a bit! RECORD/CD PRESSING. Capacity & Flexibility Ultimate. We provide custom vinyl LP pressings in a kaleidoscope of vinyl colors to choose from! Custom marble, splatter and picture disc LP pressing options available. If you find that information about one of the companies on our website is out of date - feel free to write us! vinyl record recording service. the lathe is the opposite of a May 14, 2019 · The plating engineer packs the metal stampers into another odd looking packaging device and delivers it for pressing. Our company is renowned for what is knowns as “The Dorado Jacket. As few as one single copy, as many as one hundred. A record lathe lets independent musicians produce small quantities of albums without the massive money outlay of pressing records at a large scale. Touch Screen Controls. **COVID-19 UPDATE – We are open for business. Mar 17, 2020 · Our team of vinyl record pressing professionals covers every key production stage. A gramophone record, LP, twelve-inch, a rekkid, disco plate, licorice pizza, black gold, wax, an album, a long playing-record or vinyl (which has no plural), call it what you want, we would love to press it for you. vinyl, press, pressing, vinylrecorder, dubplatecutter, dubplate cutter, phono, analog, recorder, single, maxi, disc, dubplates, cut, dubrecord, record Dec 07, 2015 · Independent Record Pressing in N. If you own a vinyl pressing company - you can add it to our list. 16LP Box Set. I cut sound onto discs which you can play on a record player. Record Pressing Quality is a Critical Component to a Successful Release. Oct 31, 1999 · RCA Victor in Toronto was the company that Capitol of Canada used in the 1960s and 1970s to create the pressing masters when none were provided by Capitol USA or when one of the USA metal parts wore out. From a single vinyl record to a short run there is no minimum order. Birds Hit Records produce custom, one-off & short runs of lathe cut records, If you're looking for a hand-made alternative to pressed records, you've come to  Each record is made in lathe cut technology. Within the vinyl record industry, acetates are also used for evaluating the quality of the tape-to-disc transfer. No minimum quantities - we press 1 to 2000 custom vinyl records. It is old. Once the stampers are ready, it is customary to make test pressings. The Record Power SC3 Chuck Package is a serious lathe chuck at a great price, and makes a great starter chuck. I disagree. Can't afford to press 300 records (usual minimum required at most all record pressing companies) not sure if  Available in 7” 10” and 12”, these are long-lasting records, very similar in quality to a pressed record you'd buy in a store. Companies stopped making record-pressing equipment decades ago, as consumers shifted from LPs to cassette tapes, then CDs and later digital downloads. Desktop vinyl pressing systems have existed in various capacities and Vinyl record pressing and cutting. Sound quality varies slightly from one record to the next, and some audio tracks translate better than others. You can skip this step at your risk (you benefit by saving time and money). Established in Sheffield, the heart of the UK's steel industry, and stretching back over 100 years, we enjoy an enviable reputation for creating high quality tools through our many years of experience and unparalleled knowledge in manufacturing and design. Here, technicians monitor a record lathe (the machine that does the cutting) while it cuts a master lacquer. Lathe cut records: Has any one done this? Lately I’m thinking about ordering lathe cut record. full colour labels / clear vinyl) £ 4. Lathe cut records, in the Black Hills area, is now doing small runs of 1 to 20 records per order. Record Pressing lacquers are cut on one of the most “tricked-out” lathes in the USA. Scale. See more ideas about Vinyl, Recording equipment, Vinyl records. These lathes are normally used in the vinyl record manufacturing process, to cut the lacquer master discs used to create the metal stampers. Each order has individual settings, which can be adjusted for arbitrary parts of audio. Pressing plants either moved on to CD/DVD manufacturing or went out of business, or both. Manufactured on 180-gram, audiophile quality vinyl with replicated artwork, the 14 albums return to their original glory with details including the poster in The Beatles (The White Album), the Sgt. As we hand craft each record in real-time, however, they will all look and sound a tiny bit unique – you can expect a couple of crackles and some surface noise, and each runout groove sounds different. No audio treatment included, sorry I'm too busy with a robot called The DRC - Pressing Plant A granulator which would have enough "Throat" to take a 12" record so rejects as well as the flash produced can be recycled A Centre punch so as to punch out the labels from rejected records Assuming that the records are to be sleeved and packed in house the necessary tables benches would have to be allowed for Pressing plant for Capitol Records in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The good news here is that the CERAMIC stampers can be fitted to any old or new pressing machines with little to no modifications. Lathe cut records can be made inexpensively in small runs. Lathe cuts are always 100% hand-made, in real time. The record company that mastered CUSTOM VINYL RECORDS one-off lathe-cut from CD MP3. Lathe Cutting is a process which utilizes a sharp cutting stylus to engrave or emboss sound grooves onto a disk. It is a personal vinyl record cutter that literally cuts your mp3 files into a blank vinyl records. In addition to vinyl pressing, Alibaba. Included in the cost of your Musicol vinyl pressing job is in-house mastering (lacquer cutting). Lathe Cut records are a TOTALLY different product than pressed records. enjoy raw analog sound of your recordings! follow us on facebook and instagram for special offers and updates. C MoY cutting head which has feedback to cutting amplifier, two new cutting needles, vacuum pump for securing blank discs to turn table, basic hand book (some pages missing), power supply for power feed motor and step down Jun 29, 2020 · It involves sending the cut vinyl records through a manufacturing belt and then over to a machine that automatically adheres to a (usually circular) label to each record. Short run Vinyl pressing is also available from just 100 records! Contact us for full details and pricing. A cutting lathe is used to produce a lacquer/dubplate by cutting a groove in an aluminum disk with a thin coating of nitrocellulose lacquer. RUSH FEES Lathe-cutting is ideal for short-run, one-off records because each piece is individually hand-cut & tested. We do all the heavy lifting. Precision Record Pressing is able to manufacture vinyl of the highest calibre due to our unwavering commitment to quality control. It's packed in a fitted plastic case, and is operated using a convenient chuck key. Keep in mind the faster the record spins the less chance of hearing background noise there will be. Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, no minimum run  A lathe cut record is an instant vinyl record. This is a common occurrence, and there is nothing wrong with your record. lathe cut (although some are pressed using traditional record pressing plants) and  In the cutting studio, the mastering engineer places a blank lacquer onto the lathe and the machine transforms the auditory energy of the recording into the  13 Feb 2019 custom lathe cut records, custom vinyl records, lp record, press record, record pressing, record vinyl, vinyl, vinyl disc, vinyl factory, vinyl lp, vinyl  We understand it's not always feasible to spend thousands of dollars on pressing large orders of vinyl, and heck, selling 250+ records in this digital age is tough  7 Feb 2020 Gil Tamazyan, the owner of Los Angeles record pressing plant Capsule the mastering engineer places a blank lacquer onto the lathe and the  a beatiful picture of the Scully Vinyl Mastering lathe at Unit 8 Recording studios the backbone of our vinyl record pressing service. Lacquer cutting is the process of transforming an audio recording into physically cut grooves on the surface of a lacquer disc via a machine called a lathe. An acetate (dubplate) cut on a professional Scully or Neumann lathe with a stereo feedback cutterhead will sound better than a pressed record, at least for the first couple of dozen times it's played. At Lock Grooves, we manufacture custom handmade, limited edition records that are cut on polycarbonate (plexiglass) in a variety of sizes and shapes. Lathe cutting is the fastest way to make a retail ready record. Lened Press. Let our new record pressing division "Indy Vinyl Pressing" vinylize your music! Check our Indy Vinyl Pressing website for complete information and color charts. We are the largest record pressing operation in North America with capacity to manufacture over 60,000 records per day. The 1960s models—clanking, Rates usually depend on the length of the record per side. Phonocut is a new portable vinyl lathe Welcome to Lockgrooves. Hot Off The Presses. I've been doing very limited lathe cuts recently and have been getting more than a handful of requests to do an actual 100 copy 12 inch pressing, this option has been lingering into my considerations on making it, I am doing this with all faith that I have hoping that we can get 200 supporters to buy a copy. That means lacquers can begin to degrade within a matter of days, even if they’re sitting untouched in a shipping box. No this is not an early April Fool's Day hoax. The most popular physical format for all music lovers, this section of our website is loaded with everything you need to know about our vinyl record pressing services, including details of our increasingly sought Stereo phonograph records done on our record cutting lathe. They are made by cutting grooves into the disc using a record lathe. Record cutting is a process which utilizes a sharp sapphire stylus to engrave or emboss sound grooves onto a disk. Custom Lathe Cut Vinyl Records and Record Pressing  High quality, handmade lathe cut records - NO MINIMUMS. RPM Press. com, home of short run (20 or more) lathe cut records. Take a look around and contact us for further info. Vinyl Record Pressing The revival of vinyl record production is something that has come as somewhat of a surprise to music industry insiders, yet no-one can deny it’s current popularity! For a company like Summit Sound (established in 1974) vinyl is very familiar territory, as we did literally hundreds of vinyl projects when that medium was The Harrow & The Harvest by Gillian Welch, released 28 June 2011 1. PHONOCUT. From professional audio. PETER KING has been making lathe cuts records since the 1980s, he is a legend in the lathe cutting community and is recognised as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people working in this field. audiogeography. A few details to consider when pressing records are track order, record speed (45 or 33 1/3 RPM), duration, and gaps. ” A new Kickstarter has launched that aims to let to cut your own records at home. Mother number. Automatic Lines Accuracy & Speed. The last surviving device of its kind, it’s basically the unicorn of record cutting. A lathe-cut sounds similar to a commercially pressed record. Full list of vinyl record pressing plants. We operate in our new 143,000 square foot facility where we have on site capabilities for lacquer mastering, electro-plating, printing, and automated and manual record pressing. Check out the Discogs link. Picture discs are made from lathes. We don't need pressing  Short run vinyl records that are high quality lathe cut by hand for a custom on demand vinyl records instead of ordering 300-500 records from a pressing plant. john adams Stereo. Quick turnaround short run vinyl records, custom cassette tapes, and CD Duplication. A machine stamped triangle with the initials IAM indicates that the record was pressed at the Scranton, Details about cutting the master lacquer for your pressing project. 14 Feb 2020 Last week's Apollo/Transco fire may have hobbled the global vinyl industry. Mar 14, 2011 · March 14, 2011 editorial, Media, Turntabling Records record lathe, vinyl records Joe Wallace Yes, I’m obsessed with these portable vinyl record cutting units! I fully intend to purchase the first multi-speed unit that works I can find, and start cranking out strange lo-fi electronica. Directory of 70,000 listings, updated daily Our original, tuned pressing machines and the technically refined new builds offer the best conditions for transferring your audio files to vinyl and giving them an attractive presentation – well-packed and available as elaborate box sets, special releases including a book, CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc, or with a download option, for which we will Mar 13, 2019 · It hopes to make some test plates for a number of pressing-plants available shortly. 1. We will be glad to answer any questions. The lathe has a cutting head with a very sharp and precise stylus that moves to the pressing plants and are used to actually stamp out, or press, vinyl records. Tennessee 6. A record lathe was originally designed just for that purpose, to make the grooves around LP vinyl records. Every Beatles album. com offers industrial or at-home presses to shape and form metal and plastics, for the creation of equipment, tools or containers of all shapes and sizes. Furnace MFG is known for pressing the finest qu Lathe computer. Tel: +1 (786) 577-0983 Lathe: A record lathe is a machine used to cut the grooves into the face of a blank lacquer. Brand New Presses. The lathe comes complete with Mono B. "This is definitely a disaster for the U. From sound engineers to artisan press operators right across to print & packaging experts, we deliver a perfect result every time. Sound For the beautiful. Lathe Cut for the little guy Can't afford to press 300 records (usual minimum required at most all record pressing companies) not sure if you can turnaround 300 pieces?. The louder the record, the greater the risk of distortion or skipping. A master lacquer is delicate by design since it’s soft enough to be cut into easily by the lathe’s cutting head. Individually cut in real-time by an experienced audio and mastering engineer. Days of lead time are saved because the plating and pressing processes are skipped. Rainbo Records, another record pressing plant, is located in Canoga Park, California. The frequency range, the loudness of the record, the level of compression. What's in the Box 12-1/2-inch variable-speed midi lathe, 6-inch and 10-inch tool rests, chrome 3-inch face plate, tool rest base, knockout bar, live center, wrenches, and manual. Although the Lathe Cuts are not audiophile quality, they sound pretty good, and there’s a certain charm to a hand cut record that you don’t get from a machine. In record cutting, a moving voice coil is used to drive a stylus which engraves the sound waves into the revolving disk. Ok. We make each record in real-time; if your audio is 30 minutes, it takes us 30 minutes to cut the grooves on to the blank record. Record Delivery Times When you need it. Nothing to fuss over too much, though. Pressed vinyl, on the other hand, is aimed at bulk orders – say, for example, 150 copies of one album. Create your own vinyl records, cassette tapes, and CDs. "Out of all the plants in North America, no one was doing anything to innovate pressing technology. Since the industry was so small at the time, he found almost nothing about it online. 5mm thick (140g) or 2mm (180g) Black or Clear virgin vinyl Small hole Full color center label Full color paper sleeve Clear poly outer sleeve Length at 45 RPM needs to be limited to 12 min a side for best quality Length at 33 1/3 RPM needs to be limited to 18 min a side for best qua Record Pressing Machines, Pegram, Tennessee. A cutting engineer will then cut the original grooves with a lathe. and acetate reference discs on our modified Neumann VMS-80 cutting lathes. The record mastering engineers are usually found in the studio environment but the plating, pressing and manufacturing of the actual record is usually done at another location. Nicky Knight October 25, 2019 . All services that make a vinyl cutting and pressing. We are using material that was never intended to be a record. The stamper's bodies need to be refined a bit to fit into the record-pressing The disc is then pressed under about 150 tons of pressure at 345 degrees Fahrenheit. "The last batch of machines dates from the 1970s and '80s," Musa says. We also offer a bespoke centre label engraving and professional mastering service. White Noise Records. The audio on a lathe cut disk is in MONO, to the standards of late 50's recording practices. Still pressing, the molds are filled with water to cool down the pressed record. Our bespoke professional service is ideal for all vinyl enthusiasts who require smaller quantities than pressing plants can handle. Various stages of the record-making process. Test Pressing. Conclusion: The record is a "confirmed all rights variation" pressing mistake. This stage involves audio engineers using a lathe machine and a very sharp gemstone to carve your music onto a flat, lacquer-coated metal disc. Direct metal mastering (DMM) is an analog audio disc mastering technique jointly developed Pressing records with this profile was mandatory for a record to bear the "DMM" logo. It is also possible to fit the DML36SH-CAM Record Power lathe, providing alternative holes are drilled. Get to know Furnace MFG with descriptions of the products and services we offer and a tour of the facilities. Label based in the UK. The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls ↳ How to Register (email Steve your Username) ↳ Secrets of the Lathe Trolls ↳ Apollo Transco Discussion (Members Only) ↳ Vinyl Mastering, Lacquer cutting, Pro's and others ↳ Plating and Pressing ↳ Experimenters' & Innovators' forum ↳ Making Vinyl Conference forum ↳ Newbie Forum; The Booth In the vinyl record manufacturing process, an acetate master disc is cut and electroforming is used to make negative metal molds from it; each mold, known as a stamper, can be used to press thousands of vinyl copies of the master. Vinyl mastering is included as part of our vinyl pressing prices when you manufacture records with us, the following prices are for stand-alone vinyl mastering and cutting services. Vendors worldwide partner with Alibaba. 103 likes. Visit the shop and record live to vinyl. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band's cut-outs, and special inner bags for some of the titles. if you want an oil painting out of your favorite jpg image you dont expect that from your $99 inkjet printer. Faithfully reproduced album jackets. So - Quality. Erika Records will provide you with a top quality product and excellent customer service. Scarlet Town 2. GALLERY. Our pressing floor includes eight (8) fully-automatic record pressing machines, all controlled by modern electronics such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and temperature-controlled molds: – One NEW 2017 custom built computerized automated record press – made specifically for GGR by Record Pressing Machines, LLC . There is a tear on one side of the wrapping. We provide the highest quality, lowest prices, and fastest turn around About Newbilt. Lathe-cut records have been around since the beginning of the vinyl format itself. R Neumann lathe - Used by Capitol Mastering in New York (1972-1974). ” I wanted to write something up about my experience making live lathe cut records in Brooklyn, NY at Human Head Records on Record Store Day 2014. Neumann cutting lathe at  MY45 is an independent record pressing plant offering 7 inch and 12 inch records, pressed directly at our own production facility. Suddenly those old record presses were in high demand. The House Is On Fire makes our own records. one-offs and small runs. Sunpress is a full service vinyl record cutting, plating, and pressing facility in Miami, Florida. We looked around at a few different pressing plants to get a ballpark figure of what a vinyl run costs. reportedly bought six used presses for $1. Since then we have cut thousands of records for professional bands and amateur musicians all over the world. We can advise how much we think we can fit on prior to you committing if you send us your music to listen to first. By Larry Scully out of Bridgeport Connecticut in the fifties through the seventies. We are happy to now be offering short run lathe cut records. [3] A lathe is used to cut microgrooves into a clear polycarbonate disc. Under this name from October 1972 to 1990. Sometimes with lathe cut records, the playback needle isn't sitting right in the groove. RPLB24-48 Specifications The RPLB 24-48 Lathe bench can be adjusted to suit the CL3-CAM and CL4-CAM Record Power lathes. Lacquer Mastering Lathe. Pick a song that will be complemented by a bit of scratch and tremolo and see if you can get a nice loud master. Each record is  Many releases are carefully lathe cut (although some are pressed using traditional record pressing plants) and the packaging is always unique. Bindery Private vinyl record pressing VS. The discs are specially formulated to resemble the durability, look, and sound of pressed vinyl. vinyl. this technique's been popular since 1950's - many major and alternative musicians have been releasing In the beginning of 2018, the company lanched the Vinyl Record manufacturing in China with all equipments imported from Germany Newbilts including 2 sets of Automatic Pressing Equipments ( Toolex Alpha Sweden), 1 set of Vinyl Cutting Lathe (Neumann VMS 80), technology supported by Pauler Acoustics. Using our rare in-house cutting lathe, our audio technicians can manually create a professional quality record from your supplied audio. May 04, 2016 · A lathe cutting 101 for the curious and resourceful. CONTACT. Lathes and record presses were sent to the crusher, or even in one famous case, dumped in the sea, where they still remain to date, appreciated by aquatic life forms keen on obsolete industrial machinery to breed inside. There are a few photos of the event, and at some point there may be video. Then we get them carved into a lacquer paint coated metal disc using a lathe cutter. And by Neumann who not only made the best microphones in the world, he made the best early computer-controlled lathe's and in particular the VMS70 series, that Funky Frankenstein Records was established as a means to support artists and friends in their creative endeavors. Disc Makers was a pioneer in the custom vinyl business way back in 1940s and was synonymous with the highest quality record pressing for independent artists and labels in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Single vinyl pressing CD to vinyl, mp3 to vinyl, mixtape, playlist, spoken words, any sound can be immortalized on vinyl records. 20. DMM licensees that did not use this profile were  It specialises in cutting polycarbonate records using a lathe technique that is different to the traditonal pressed vinyl records. . . Of course, it still boils down to judging on a pressing-by-pressing basis given stamper wear and whatnot, but IME, the "M" lacquers often seem a smidgen better. Lathe Cuts are playable "vinyl" records that are made one at a time, in real time, using an experimental process on vintage mono record lathes out of polycarbonate plastic (similar to plexiglass). The cutting head on the lathe uses a heated sapphire stylus to cut the groove into the lacquer with the shape of the groove being determined by the sound vibrations in the original recording. Hamilton Press. It is recommended to start these processes with already cut lacquers as soon as possible to avoid deformations of grooves caused by heat and other environmental factors. We have been pressing long and short run quality vinyl records for customers in the UK and worldwide since the turn of the century. Our equipment and training programs enable any The first new record-pressing machines built in over 30 years are finally online. This concept was created for my senior thesis. Read more: The art of vinyl mastering According to Wired, Phonocut only needs an audio source and a blank acetate (although no details are given on the nature of the disc) to get started. However, these lathe cuts are not standard pressed records. Wanting a solution for short run records for our own bands led us on a journey to buy lathes and to […] American Vinyl Co offers custom lathe cut vinyl records, vinyl record pressing, custom album covers and labels. Zappa’s record company rejected the finished album, though test pressings exist. 00 for second side Round 7 Inch (incl. Mar 10, 2010 · Record Pressing: Top Ten Vinyl Myths Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Based on many years of experience in production, engineering and vinyl record manufacturing, we started by developing a semi-automatic vinyl record press and vinyl extruder. But, Lathe cut records are inferior than vinyl record, as far as sound reproduction is concerned. A lathe cut record is an instant vinyl record. Jun 17, 2015 · get in touch if you'd like some short run records made, http://www. Once the finished lacquer is in its shipping box we enter a new world, a world of more or less mass reproduction, where the object is the making of many from one. “[Moss] ripped us a new one,” Casanova remembers. Short run lathe cuts that sound good as a pressed vinyl record. The Beatles Stereo Box Set 180g. *For 12″ LP orders, you cannot exceed 18 minutes of music per side. In lathe cutting a voice coil is used to drive a needle which cuts   Short run custom records for bands, artists, labels, etc. Desktop vinyl pressing systems have  Moreover, engineers and technicians working in GZ upgraded this lathe in Stampers for record pressing are manufactured from such mastered lacquers by a  White Noise Records. E Edits Music Just for the record — Global Preface. A biscuit consists of a Oct 12, 2019 · disappearing pressing plants. from tech side — lathe works similar to turntable but instead of playing it cuts the music grooves onto blank disc. It comes with the most popular size jaws, a faceplate ring and a woodworm screw for mounting your workpieces. FORMS for placing vinyl orders. 7″ and 10″ records are pressed at 40 grams and 110 grams respectively. Jul 14, 2020 · The leading business directory of used metalworking machinery, used machine tools, industrial fabrication equipment, chemical & processing equipment, presses, pumps, furnaces & ovens, cranes, and more. Make your own vinyl record High quality, handmade lathe cut records - NO MINIMUMS. Meep Records was founded in 2012 to manufacture lathe cut records for bands around Denver, Colorado. Record Pressing. Located in New York City, headed by record cutting engineer Rich Flores, known for cutting The Misfits first 45 vinyl, "Cough Cool" in 1977, manufactured at The Romaba pressing plant. Our job is to make it easy for you. Rush orders Custom vinyl records and short run vinyl pressing. The master is played into a disc recording lathe which cuts   10 Oct 2019 The manufacturing process of vinyl records has changed for pressing plants as An analog vinyl lathe dubbed the Phonocut looks to make the  Vinyl mastering at Alchemy Mastering - the equipment we use and services we offer. record industry," Rick Hashimoto of Record Technology, a pressing plant in Camarillo, Calif. B. com to put a new record press machine as close as your fingertips. We can do standard or custom lathe cuts for any vinyl production run. The album was finally released officially in 1996. Note: This is a post by Tyler Bisson, known on Lathe Trolls as “tragwag. Cutting a record out of a blank is inherently flawed compared to pressing up any weight the label wants with a vinyl puck. These will sound slightly different than the master, because the material reacts to certain frequencies differently. Vinyl Record Pressing UK, get your bands sound on to a vinyl record, be it 12-inch vinyl 10-inch or 7-inch then take a look at our Vinyl record service. This new local vinyl pressing plant joins Melbourne-based Zenith Records, and record-cutting lathe, and a chance to see plating of the record masters as well  We cut the tracks of your choice on a unique vinyl disc or in small series. Since 1983 two methods of bridging the digital and physical mediums in preparation for vinyl record pressing have been available to record labels and artists. More. The fact that this is a possibility in 2015 Oct 04, 2018 · Learn how a record is made on this new vinyl pressing tour. Recently, our cutting engineer completed a direct-to-disc session with BECK, capturing a series of amazing singles. ” This LA pressing does have a light green label and Apple perimeter print on both sides BUT, the A-side is missing the "all rights language" and neither side of the disc has the "Mastered By Capitol" stamped in the trail off areas. The operation began in the late  [Update: A previous version of this piece incorrectly stated PhonoCut was the first -ever at-home lathe cutting machine. We can cut 7″ (small or large hole; round or square cuts), 10″ and 12″ records for you, at 33, 45 and 78 RPM. fast turnaround times. Lathe Cut Record Pressing We are happy to now be offering short run lathe cut records. com Vinyl Record Jacket Printing & Album Cover Sleeves Printing. A one-off single pressing costs $14. Welcome to Record Pressing Machines. Every official Beatles song. This record store will lathe-cut any song you want to 7-inch disc Toronto's Sonic Boom will make you a picture disc for about 12 bucks . Zenith Records is Australia’s only dedicated Record Pressing facility carrying out quality Vinyl Record Pressing as well as lacquer cutting and galvanic plating all in house. Bringing back that 10 inch vinyl record on 110 gram 10 inch vinyl records are great for shorter length (EP) albums. We do short-run, lathe cut vinyl record pressing, currently in 7″,6″,5″, and 4″ sizes, on circular or square shaped clear polycarbonate discs (squares in 5” and 4” only) and also on a digital CD/analog vinyl hybrid format. I wish I had an album to press right now! I can now take a master tape (or digital master ) to my friend Gus's house and get it cut on a restored Scully tube lathe, drive about a mile away to Milwaukie, get the lacquer plated and get a test pressing to take home. on April 15, 2015, 4:02pm. Apr 21, 2016 · The Roundabout recording studio is home to a 1950’s Neumann AM-32 cutting lathe from New Zealand’s old HMV Studios. Whether you need 50 copies quickly for a tour or just one copy of a song you wrote for your lover - we can get it to you quick! One Cut Vinyl is an established, highly-rated cutting studio that specialises in producing short runs / one-off custom made vinyl records & quality hand-made sleeves. Because of the individual, custom nature of this process, the cost is higher per piece than pressing records. com. Record Technology is a world class record pressing plant located in Camarillo, California. 12" & 10" Mastering (under best runtime) $150 per side Mastering (over best runtime) $180 per side Lacquer master disc $40 per side Digital test cut reference included The amount of time on each side will depend on many things. We are dedicated to offering world class Vinyl Record pressings made in Australia for the local and international marketplace Each pressing plant has it’s recommended length for each side of a record depending on the size (7”, 10″, or 12”) and speed (33 1/3 or 45 RPM), but the general rule is that the shorter the side, the better it will sound. the full potential of any vinyl cut than those being done in a pressing plant. Phonocut is a new portable vinyl lathe. 4 Oct 2018 To start the process of creating a vinyl record, you need a master of bass content can still be pressed to vinyl, the engineer operating the lathe . One offs or short runs in quantities of 1 - 50 records - 7" 10" 12" Custom Grooves. There is a direct two-way communication between the computer and the cutting lathe Differential sound and graphic analysis can play or show differences between original audio and processed signal, feedback or vinyl record signal. These records are HIGH QUALITY stereo lathe cuts; they sound comparable to pressed records. Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, no minimum run quantity, plus full color printing & packaging options. 50 per disc +£1. Vinyl Pressing; Vinyl Jacket Manufacturing; Record Insert Printing; Record Label Printing; Digital and Offset Printing; Competitive Pricing; Preferred Deliver Times; 7”, 10”, and 12” Production; Complete Project Control Responsibility; Creative Graphic Designs Here, technicians monitor a record lathe (the machine that does the cutting) while it cuts a master lacquer. Previously Philips Recording Company, Inc. , Mercury Record Manufacturing Company, and Richmond Record Pressing, Inc. Hand us your mixes and that's the last time you'll have to lift a finger. feel free to reach out to us for small run record reproduction, live cutting, or any other questions you may have. Your audio is cut in stereo directly into blank virgin vinyl. Changes can also be made to improve the sound. The records often featuring handmade covers assembled from upcycled materials found at thrift stores and garage sales. Electroplating. At 33 rpm they hold around 12-15 minutes per side; At 45 rpm they hold around 9-12 minutes per side; 33 rpm is the most common speed for 10 inch records. If everything goes perfectly, then we could see this HD vinyl hit record stores by late Summer 2019. NEWBILT Machinery develops and builds new vinyl record pressing equipment. Our hope is to provide a unique outlet for artists in a music culture that is dominated by massive, monolithic corporations only interested in material that is commercially viable to the modern masses. Crosley will shortly announce that it has acquired the assets of a closed pressing plant—I believe from somewhere in Europe—and is moving it all to a location in the midwest near its Louisville, KY headquarters. Parts and Repairs Oct 11, 2019 · “It has to be idiot-proof. Dorado Music Packaging is capable of accommodating direct-to-board, Old Style Tip-On, and customized record jacket printing orders for 12,” 10,” and 7” vinyl albums. Pressing records would be pretty expensive, but lathe cut would be much cheaper, if you only want a few copies. Hot Off The Press. a professional quality lacquer cut on a lathe like this one will blow just about every pressed record out of the water. The international list of vinyl record pressing plants, brokers, lathe-cutting, lacquer mastering, equipment and technology services. Sep 15, 2017 · Vestax offers the only all-inclusive vinyl pressing machine on the market (as of June 2011). The VRX-2000 allows you to record audio from any line level audio source directly onto a Vestax "Harmodisk," a blank record made from a new type of plastic said to last 90 times longer than your average record. It is new. This item is new, never used and factory sealed. Singles Square 7 Inch (incl. The weight of the record doesnot affect the sound quality, however some people prefer the feel of a heayyweight pressing. Lathe Cut Record Guide Prices Please contact us for quotation, turnaround time and availiblity. Mr. Lathe's were built in the USA by Presto Corp. Large vinyl pressing companies tend to only make orders of 500 or more records. You can find our services listed below: SMT Press. Record Power has a long and impressive history in the world of woodturning. We offer an unrivalled range of high quality machinery and accessories to cater to all levels of woodturner from the keen novice to demanding professional. There is no minimum order. the file is fed into a vintage Neumann mastering lathe that cuts a copy of the music into a lacquer-covered aluminum disc. These discs are the original copies of your music. In 1997, four former DJs and vinyl enthusiasts managed to get hold of a record pressing machine. A pressing machine operator installs the stamper onto a huge machine that drops goobers of (what we hope is properly formulated) vinyl onto the metal plates and then squeezes them together just like you’d make waffles. Not to have a handle on who is doing that is really silly actually. The Way It Will Be 4. Lathe Cut for the little guy. In the case of DMM, this stylus is specialy made out of grinded diamond and cuts a spiral V-shaped sound groove directly into a high purity copper layer plated on a non-magnetic flat steel substrate. The first and only push-button home vinyl recorder. The albums are accompanied by a stunning, elegantly designed 252-page hardbound book in a lavish boxed Many releases are carefully lathe cut (although some are pressed using traditional record pressing plants) and the packaging is always unique. There is extensive information about the history of Peters business on the history page Finally, always make sure that your vinyl record pressing plant is ready to receive your lacquers. Jay Fairfax, the Mastering Manager at Rainbo, explained via a 2009 phone call and emails about the process of taking the master lacquer and creating vinyl records. If your record is sounding overly distorted, and it's impossible to make out any musical elements, give your playback needle a little nudge to sit down properly in the groove. Remember, your grooves are the MOST important part of your release, if sound quality is your goal at least. Lathe-cutting is ideal for short-run, one  image30. Dark Turn Of Mind 3. - AIF or WAV files up to 384kHz / 32 bit float to be ready for upload April 2015 for processing in May. Our staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. P Neumann lathe - Used by Capitol Mastering in New York (1980-1983). Stampers for record pressing are manufactured from such mastered lacquers by a three step electroforming process in electrolytic baths. The records  Lathe Cutting Masterful. com A "how it's made" of lathe cut records, by Tyler Bisson of Audio Geogra With more years iunder their belts than most, Record Power have been producing lathes for decades, and with that, they have refined their range to offer affordable machines for both the new and aspiring turner, from the DML250 through to the MAXI-1. Design your own T-Shirt, Hoodie,  WHAT MAKES LATHE CUT RECORDS SPECIAL? Lathe cuts are created with a completely different process than vinyl from a pressing plant. Some better pressing plants are RTI, QRP, Third Man or Precision Record Pressing in Canada. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing the "X" lathe was a slave as well. Who would benefit from owning a record lathe? If you distribute your own music, a lathe can be a good investment. The perfect gift for any vinyl enthusiast or audiophile. We'll see what happens, if anyone is interested in the lathe cuts I have some for sale Originally posted by The Vinyl Factory “It has to be idiot-proof. For aficionados that are curious about the process of how vinyl records are made, follow along as we go through the steps with help from Telegraph Mastering , Bonati Masterting and Cascade Record Pressing . S. Read next: Bandcamp launches in-house vinyl crowdfunding and pressing service. Oct 22, 2019 · Erika Records is a pretty bad pressing plant too. After pressing, the disc is trimmed to its desired size (12", 10", or 7"), and is ready for packaging. Addison Eilers 5,828 views May 11, 2020 · Record Formats: Our prices are based on size (7″ or 12″) and the length (amount of minutes) of your record. Each lathe cut record is a truly unique limited-edition, cut in real time by an experienced engineer, on high-quality blanks – we no longer use PVC. If you are looking for a big run like this, finding a pressing plant is a better choice. Pressing the Records Finally, the last step in the vinyl record manufacturing process involves pressing each of the individual records. It uses a heated diamond stylus that makes it p… how can i order just one record? is beevinyl a pressing plant? record cutting - aka lathe cutting - was always considered an art just like painting, sculpture and photography. Direct Metal Mastering, better known simply as DMM was jointly developed by two German companies as an alternative to the well established process of Lacquer Mastering, which had Rainbo Records. With this technology it is possible to make lower quanities! We start from 1 piece. Heavyweight is only available on 12″ pressings. full colour labels / clear vinyl) £ 5. They are cut in real time, by a real person. By cutting your vinyl records one at a time on our stereo lathe, we eliminate the need to order a large number of records all at once. A one off vinyl can be made in minutes where one off custom vinyl pressing can take weeks. Unlike conventional disc mastering, where the mechanical audio modulation is cut onto a lacquer-coated aluminum disc, DMM cuts straight into metal (copper). Vinylium’s trusty toolbox. The lathe is operated by Jackson  11 Oct 2019 The Phonocut analog lathe is the first consumer device that will allow markets or praying your favorite album gets a special vinyl pressing. Local label People in a Position to know makes vinyl affordable to indie artists through lathe cutting : Mike Dixon is a very busy man, between owning five companies and working for the record This concept was created for my senior thesis. Feb 27, 2015 - Explore akirt666's board "Record Cutting" on Pinterest. Pressing a record is a finicky process, made even more difficult by consumer demand for high sound quality. Lathe-Cut vs Pressed Vinyl. 10" record pressing, bespoke printed artwork, fulfilment and delivery, from 100 units. Each record is visually inspected at multiple stages in production and samples are carefully listened to at regular intervals in our audio QC room. Metal Mastering Lathe. Or lathe cut records on demand from your online store and give fans on demand vinyl records instead of ordering 300-500 records from a pressing plant. The WarmTone™ is capable of 24 second cycle times when ideal input parameters are provided, features quick change stampers, a dual-spindle stacking system with automated cooling plates, has CSA and CE safety certification, 7, 10, and 12 inch pressing capability, and many more workflow features. scroll down for details and prices If you find a Neumann cutting lathe for sale, it may very well be a professional unit. Direct Metal Mastering, forgoes the lacquer disc, using different lathe image which is then used to form vinyl records from PVC at pressing plants. Lathe cuts are created with a completely different process than vinyl from a pressing plant. It’s nasty. Another unreleased Zappa album, Crush All Boxes, was intended for release in 1980, but was scrapped in favor of releasing You Are What You Is instead. The birth of the art and science of re The parts needed to be made just to start pressing any record order add up to most of the price for 50 copies — to run less than 50 would just not be cost feasible for you. Because the process is so intricate, and the scale of the grooves so small, quality control is an absolute must to ensure that customers are receiving a finished product. Reply. who were making them back in the 1930s & forties. Record pressing plant and / or mastering house (see below). There are so many things perfect about this release. We will cut 3 songs (or 15 minutes of audio) onto a 12" black or coloured blank vinyl record. Also, when running test pressings, several copies are made and scrapped prior to having acceptable records to ship. Mastering Prices are listed below. Custom Vinyl Records. Stampers for record pressing are manufactured directly from such mastered copper plates by a single step electroforming process in electrolytic baths. The lathe transforms auditory energy of the recording into the physical movement of a needle –– the opposite of a turntable –– turning sound into movement instead of movement into sound. so enjoy your nice old skool gear and if you are not one of the chosen lucky ones who have a neumann lathe or a presto in mint condition A combination of the record label variety, and engravings in the run-out groove (some refer to it as the dead wax or trail off) – the vinyl land between the end of the music grooves and the label – will enable you to decide if a record is a first pressing, a later pressing though still an “original” Blue Note (pre-1966), or a reissue Well, we couldn’t possibly imagine hitting a bigger home run than to open Quality Record Pressings (QRP) with one of the all-time most classic audiophile records, Cat Stevens’ Tea for the Tillerman from 1970. In order to purchase one now, you would have to have an expert eye, and perhaps a lot of cash. Mar 20, 2016 · Turntable manufacturer Crosley is set to announce the opening soon of a new pressing plant. Lathe cut records are an alternative to the modern practice of pressing records with metal plates. com - Want to manufacture your own vinyl record pressing at 100, 200, 300 or 500 units ? Discover our package deals or ask us a quote ! PHONOCUT. ” Phonocut is a new home vinyl lathe that hopes to allow you to cut your own records in real time. Each record is hand cut and made in real–time, no two pieces are exactly alike, making these highly collectible and customizable for fans. Small Run lathe cut vinyl records, made in Melbourne, Australia. Blackwell, who briefly worked at Archer, notes that The Delta 46-460 industrial 12-1/2-inch variable-speed midi lathe is backed by a five-year warranty. When Third Man Pressing opens its doors on Saturday, it will be the first such facility to open in Detroit since Archer Record Pressing in 1965. Each record side has its own lacquer. PIRATES PRESS is truly the best source in the industry for independent musicians, artists and entrepreneurs looking to learn how to manufacture top quality media, merchandise and promotional tools without having to pay top dollar for them. 7 Apr 2016 Culture Clash owner Pat O'Connor explains the difference between traditional means of creating records in pressing plants and the process of  Lathe Cut Record Pressing. - Polygram labels (Casablanca, Mercury, Polydor, etc): 72 on label, PRC-R in runout Microforum Vinyl Record pressing manufactures 12 inch, 10 inch and 7 inch vinyl records, phonographic records, custom printing, jackets, labels, mastering services, test press The great advantage of lathe cuts, for international customers, lies in their cost effectiveness for small runs (anything from 20 to 150 copies) when compared to pressed vinyl. Present your vinyl in style with a custom printed sleeve that really looks the part. The Phonocut is an at-home vinyl lathe, allowing anyone with a digital audio file and a dream to cut a 10-inch record. The master lacquer is then sprayed with silver, placed in water with nickel deposits and electrocuted — a process more formally known as electroplating Record Power SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck. It's a device that works with almost any kind of turntable. If you have ever seen a record getting mastered before being sent to the pressing plant - that is essentially what we do over & over. 5 million and paid $5,000 to make and replace an obsolete screw on a press. these special discs are hand-cut on a lathe, then filled with a coloured oil. 3. Due purely to proximity, Colin came up Apr 12, 2009 · I use a Neumann VMS70 cuttng lathe, the best quality in the world. We'll take care of mastering for vinyl, cutting and evaluating the reference disks, getting approval from your producer, contracting the record pressing plant, and making sure your vinyl arrives where you want it, when you want it. Notice ! ! ! This is a bit of a rant, but worth reading, I think. Erika Records is capable of producing traditional vinyl records to anything else you can imagine. Jul 22, 2017 · Music Why Vinyl’s Boom Is Over As purists complain about low quality and high prices, vinyl sales taper off; Gillian Welch and David Rawlings cut their own records. If the record is 10 minutes long, it took 10   DMM copper disc sitting on the turntable of a Neumann AM131 lathe, built in the 1930s. Lacquers have only one side that can be cut onto, so a standard 2-sided 12” LP requires two lacquers to be cut –– the A-side and the B-side. Vinyl Pressing. We press 12” on 140 or 180 grams, 10” on 100 grams and our 7” has an average weight of 40 grams. While vinyl and singles were popular, the record lathe was the item used to make the scratches on the disks which then produced music. Biscuit: The sandwich that is ultimately pressed into a record. Well, we couldn’t possibly imagine hitting a bigger home run than to open Quality Record Pressings (QRP) with one of the all-time most classic audiophile records, Cat Stevens’ Tea for the Tillerman from 1970. 50 per disc EPs 8 inch Square (clear - typically 2 This is the first and most delicate step in the record-making process. Getting your music on vinyl can feel intimidating, but we try to make the process simple and affordable. The "M" lathe was the master and the "S" was a slave. Utilizing the original Neumann lathe on which the work of artists such as ELVIS PRESLEY, DAVID BOWIE and LOU REED (to name a few) have been cut. J. 12" 33 LP album, 10" single dubplate, 7" 45 jukebox, gold platinum award, custom print sleeve jacket label. We press for most audiophile record labels and for many quality minded independent and major record labels from around the world. 00 for second side Picture Discs (full colour single sided only) £ 9. by Ben Kaye. Lathe cut records are an alternative to pressing records. Mono LOFI Lathe Cut Records. IN-HOUSE VINYL RECORD PRESSING: We have been pressing records for over 60 years and also offer custom sleeve and jacket printing, graphic design, and drop shipping. We also do mastering for other pressing plants. Vinyl revivalists went into a spin the minute it hit The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls last year. It's a revival of an overlooked art. for the subsequent pressing of a vinyl record, but pioneered by Jamaican reggae sound We cut the discs using an amazing cutting lathe, the flokason AM44 with a  12 Oct 2019 at home. Something cut onto a picnic plate with an old home record cutter with a resharpened gramophone needle is going to sound like poop on a stick from While most vinyl records are pressed from metal master discs, a technique known as lathe-cutting was introduced in the late 1980s by Peter King in Geraldine, New Zealand. Vinyl pressing plants, brokers, lathe-cutting, lacquer mastering. Erika Records is a vinyl record pressing plant that has over 30 years experience in the vinyl record manufacturing business. There is extensive information about the history of Peters business on the history page A lathe-cut sounds similar to a commercially pressed record. Difficulties in press capacity is creating VINYL PRESSING. Record pressing can't keep up with the current vinyl demand. Here you can find all Canada plants that do vinyl pressing, all lathe-cutters and vinyl mastering services of companies that do vinyl pressing in Canada. Vinyl in 7”, 10” or 12” One off short run lathe cut vinyl Our original, tuned pressing machines and the technically refined new builds offer the best conditions for transferring your audio files to vinyl and giving them an attractive presentation – well-packed and available as elaborate box sets, special releases including a book, CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc, or with a download option, for which we will A record lathe was originally designed just for that purpose, to make the grooves around LP vinyl records. Opened 1946, began phasing out pressing vinyl in favor of transferring operations to the Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Winchester in 1969 and stopped vinyl pressing 1973. In the beginning of 2018, the company lanched the Vinyl Record manufacturing in China with all equipments imported from Germany Newbilts including 2 sets of Automatic Pressing Equipments ( Toolex Alpha Sweden), 1 set of Vinyl Cutting Lathe (Neumann VMS 80), technology supported by Pauler Acoustics. In the 1980s Peter was the only person in the world offering such a service and after cutting records for NZ underground icons such as the Dead C and Alastair Galbraith Short run, Lathe cut vinyl NOT lo-fi - Great fidelity! Stereo! Not mono (unless you want it) vinyl, not plexi-flexi-poly. Today, small independent studios and big record companies alike are queueing up for Vinylium’s services. BF! offers a professional short run vinyl service. 45RPM Lathe Cutting Service  American Vinyl Co offers quality custom vinyl records and packaging with no minimum order! 2 / 2. Aug 24, 2018 · Avid vinyl record collectors know the production process is also an extremely important one, with the quality of the record on the line. Upon test cut approval we will quickly move ahead to final mastering of the lacquers, electro-forming the plated stampers, and pressing the test copies and then the final run. There are more and more people lathe-cutting out there these days. VINYL. A one off vinyl can be made in minutes where one off   4 May 2016 Wanting a solution for short run records for our own bands led us on a Playing lathes back is not like playing a regular factory-pressed record,  Lathe cut records are an alternative to the modern practice of pressing records with metal plates. Record Pressing Machines supports vinyl record pressing companies with replacement parts, technical assistance, equipment rebuilding and new Record pressing is an artistic and scientific process that begins with the etching of sound to a disk - creating a groove via a vibrating stylus that creates a physical impression of sound; the bumps and grooves of a disk are a physical representation of sound. This can range from $150 – $230 per side ($300 – $460 per record) with the average being around $200 per side ($400 per record). Dec 24, 2019 · we now offer a 7″ lathe-cut record pressing service!! We have procured very rare, vintage lathe equipment and spent many months experimenting, test cutting, and refining (which continues each day) this unique art. Can't wait 3 to 4 months, maybe our hobby can help. Tangible Formats lathe cuts custom vinyl records for anyone in need of small quantities. This auction is for a FAIRCHILD Record cutting Lathe – model 740, serial number 18, an absolutely amazing piece of engineering. Lathe cut records are made by 'impressing' the sound onto a plastic disc. Lathe cutting is done in real time (or even half-speed), but automatic presses as they have been used for decades take between 17 (for 7”) and 21 seconds (for 12”) per record. Buy woodworking machine from Nihar Industires: A leading wood working machinery manufacturer & supplier India having the largest collection of woodworking equipment for wood cutting, crafting, polishing, pressing, fabrication and engraving machines & export in East Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan & other countries. Used machinery and machine tools: Industrial equipment, electrical and power apparatus, capital machinery, and surplus machinery. Either way, this is a very good thing. stereo & high quality. - This is a "dub-cut" quality cut. Learn more about your Options for Quality, Cost-Saving and Expedience depending on your geographical location UNITED RECORD PRESSING 453 Allied Drive • Nashville, Tennessee 37211 Phone: 615-259-9396 • Toll Free: 866-407-3165 • Fax: 615-244-3734 • E-mail: united@urpressing. Lathe cut records are not a direct substitute for pressed records. phono, analog, vinyl, recorder, single, maxi, disc, dubplates, cut, dubrecord, record, directmastering, pressing, pressung, schallplatten, herstellung, einzelplatten Oct 21, 2014 - Cutting lathe with a Gray 108 tonearm for playback. After a 10-year hiatus we decided to once again apply our deep knowledge of custom vinyl pressing to serve today’s independent musicians. record pressing lathe

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